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Microsoft office 2010 unlicensed product crack free

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CelsiusNetwork is working as quickly as possible and will share information as and when it becomes appropriate. Acting in the interest of our community remains our top priority. It goes first to pay Celsius' bills. This could be the rug pull to end all rug pulls.

This gives it more breathing room. Why not say clients? Clients can sue you for breaking the ToS but community is just all koombaya don't worry bro let's yolo it? For the layman, that means they're broke, can't pay their bills and may be on the verge of bankruptcy. I dont see them being able to raise enough capital to cover redemptions. Buckle up. Tweets: jeffnolan and reneritchie. See also Mediagazer. And copyright transparency report! Tweets: mhbergen and sarahfrier. Those are TikTok-like numbers.

Would love to know Instagram Reels numbers! Tweets: iblametom , campuscodi , and cloudflare. It doesn't just stenographize that there's an investigation.

Instagram is mostly already there. The feed will increasingly show posts from accounts you don't follow — a big departure from how it currently works. This report sheds light on their CMSs, tech stacks, and more. Tweets: nayibbukele , jonaguiar , silvermanjacob , getdelta , fungibies , and rodrigocampos.

Reuters : El Salvador's bitcoin holdings value slashed in half by sell-off. I wonder how El Salvador is holding up. Which would still be the case if btc was higher anyway. Tweets: seikatsu and antonyslumbers. Web3: read, write, own.

I can see that: but it won't be Web3 BS. Sponsor Posts Intel : Managing a Complex Multi-Cloud Environment Requires a Reliable Ecosystem — To avoid vendor lock-in and effectively manage your mission critical workload needs, you need a reliable ecosystem and architecture.

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Department of Product A weekly selection of product news, analysis and tools from around the world to help you stay in the loop with what it means to build products today. Techmeme's Daily Newsletter The news and commentary we've posted throughout the past 24 hours, so you won't miss a big story. Add your newsletter here. Techmeme Ride Home:. The day's tech news, every day at 5pm ET. Fifteen minutes and you're up to date. Fox Sports edited out the first pitch by trans Jeopardy! Nielsen plans to add data on consumer reactions to ads to Nielsen One, including successful purchases, website visits, and more.

Upcoming Tech Events Jun Jun Jul Aug Sep Its data set, which comprises different protests and 49 conflicts, has been used by global news organizations. I suppose when you're writing about a fact-checking operation. A lovely, x deserved piece about TeamWatchDog at work. We don't have fuel and some food items. We lose power for hours daily now.

A much larger portion of those clients is outside of media and entertainment, although that remains the service's largest client base.

I'll have a dig. This is awesome on so many levels. Argonaut rang a bell, and sure enough - Jez developed Starglider, one of my all time favourite games on the Amiga. I can still remember it today, nearly four decades later: It was the first time I visited a new friend, who was the first in our neighbourhood to get the Amiga.

He fired up Starglider- and I was simply blown away. My C64 didn't cut it anymore - I just had to get the Amiga. An involvement in the Norwegian demo scene followed. This later had a big impact on my career as a SWE; thanks very much for this, Jez, if you're here! Oh yes, Starglider was stunning at the time. But wireframe only, I think? I think Starglider 2 was inspired in part by Zarch on the Archimedes, and the free Lander demo that came with every Archie.

I should have accepted it. JezSan 42 days ago root parent next [—]. Also, likely the opposite way that microprocessors were designed Why did Argonaut have the ability to design early GPU hardware when it doesn't seem like anyone else had the interest, background knowledge or tools?

And how did Nintendo find a company in the UK to work with considering the language barriers? JezSan 41 days ago root parent next [—]. Argonaut had several team members including Rick Clucas CTO who had hardware design experience as well as software. Rick's first hardware at Argonaut was a development cartridge for the SNES that allowed you to remote control it and download games from the pc development kit. I went up to a senior Nintendo guy at a CES show and showed him some stuff that blew him away.

I was on a flight to meet Mr Yamauchi in Japan a few days later. We had Argonaut team members stationed inside Nintendo working directly for Mr Miyamoto, et al our team back in UK did the tech stuff, and the team inside Nintendo built the games. It was only the second time that Nintendo had worked with a company outside Japan the first was Rare ltd. IntelMiner 41 days ago root parent prev next [—]. From what has been said of the latter.

I forget which one specifically They pulled out a Nintendo Gameboy and proceeded to put an unlicensed prototype game cartridge in it, which booted successfully even without Nintendo's approval Nintendo was so impressed with the engineering talent they agreed to work with them thereafter. That is amazing. What was the design process like in terms of tooling? Schematic capture or was one of the proto HDLs in use?

I don't remember which tools the Super FX chip was designed with but maybe some other ex-Argonauts can chime in on that. I know it was pretty basic gate level stuff and wasn't designed with a high level language Ben Cheese was an old skool chip designer If I missed something then apologies. Yeah, I have no idea why all of JezSan's comments are gray. Looks like it's been fixed! How was this knowledge disseminated? I learned 3d math and rendering from the textbooks of the time like Newman Sproul and Bruce Artwick books.

I started StarGlider on the Mac, written in code.. I had the first Amiga outside the USA. JezSan 42 days ago root parent prev next [—]. JezSan 42 days ago parent prev next [—]. It feels a bit surreal, small world and all that - so cheers! Many thanks again for your efforts, and pioneering work.

Even my younger brother remembered Starglider well; he's also gone on to do well for himself with a leading role in IT administration in the health sector. Jez launched a crypto startup, FunFair, btw. Unfortunately, it failed. And investing in other worthy projects.

Blown away foone managed to just ask for this Gives me some hope we can get more ancient software open sourced in the future. I'd love to see classic Notepad and MS Paint too. The full XP SP0? It's still missing components perhaps most importantly, winlogon but there's a good chance the edit control is in there.

You can find torrents of the source code online and dig around in it if you don't mind breaking the law or ruining your chances of being allowed to contribute to Wine or ReactOS in the future. The edit control was part of the leaks.

It's in editec. Don't ask me how I know. Thanks for the correction. We do try. Is there any chance that older versions of Windows will have their source code officially released? They're already out there as source code leaks, but it would be nice to be able to view it legally and perhaps more completely, in a similar way to how we can view the. NET reference source. I really enjoyed browsing the NT4 and leaks, it was fascinating to see how Windows works under the hood, and I was interested to see how well or not my understanding of the disassembly matched up with where it came from.

It also helped massively with troubleshooting and understanding API surfaces, particularly the kernel side. Could this ever happen, is there the political will internally to be even more open on the OS side? I'm not from Microsoft, but I think they're probably working on stuff like that, it's just a monumental task at the start, since they've probably licensed many components from companies that probably aren't around anymore Besides the fact that they have to scan the code, remove offensive bits, figure out if some code is still in use and it might have security vulnerabilities or could disclose things they don't want disclosed, etc.

I guess they're slowly open sourcing kind of stand alone components, to bank on nostalgia. Visual Basic 6. I mostly kid, I know this has been enough of an ask for enough years if it was similarly trivial it would've probably happened by now.

Thanks for your work on open sourcing awesome old Microsoft stuff! Someone's attempting a recreation. Ginormous community forms around it see also: retrocomputing in general, niche hyperfocused interest groups around old software like this 3.

Community basically picks old useless thing up off the ground and rocket-boosts it into being fun and genuinely usable 4. Now-useful thing becomes a way to do cool stuff; it is now relevant!!

DOS 3. This software is also closed-ended, in the sense that there would be no real-world value gained from trying to make this specific codebase line up with contemporary standards of code design, or render quality, etc etc ; such a project would universally be easier to start from scratch, even if it was using this as a base for inspiration.

Community effort to fix something like this without completely ship-of-Thesesus-ing it will get a decent bit of the way there, but being a tad objective it'll have a stopping point. I think this scope limitation is a key part of what makes it possible to release old stuff like this.

Win98 and VB6 and things of a similar class have both huge niche focus and interest by the retrocomputing community, AND they are fundamentally open in the sense that Win98 is an entire operating system, and VB6 is an entire development environment. The purpose of both products is fundamentally to enable.

To enable you to run software and enable you to build it. So, couple all that potential with the reception the release would bring, and The other problem is that things like old versions of Windows or Visual Basic are of a scale that's an order of magnitude larger than smaller releases like the one presented here, making community enablement that much more impactful - maybe not to the full order of magnitude, but to an extent that is nontrivial My working theory is that there's isn't anything fundamentally wrong with this, to the extent that it's quite possible legal wouldn't fundamentally be totally against it.

EDIT: This is now at 0. Edit2 just before it locks: it's back to 1 at least heh. My guess is that they'll open source more stuff. Someone needs to work on these releases and the big ones can be scary, especially from a legal point of view. So they'll just slowly release one small item at a time, and hopefully over time most of them are out in the open. Maybe we even get some big fish, like Win What a bizarre product to request though.

You have to imagine that foone knew something about this being planned to be open sourced, or was somehow in on it. There's no way MS just go "sure why not? The process was surprisingly close to "hey could you do this" followed by "that would be tricky, let me see what I can do" followed by "it's up on GitHub. But their last tweet got pretty good pick up, so I made another run at it. I asked the right Vice Presidents, found the right people to agree to the new license, retrieve the source from our company archivist, found two developers who worked on the actual project, and then worked with the Microsoft open source office to finalize everything, then released it.

It took just about a month. It is also the person that has to hand repair corrupted Visual Source Safe databases with a hex editor. Huh I stand corrected. Good news, either way :. Inviz 42 days ago root parent next [—]. The maskot and the intros, the movies and the scenes, some creepy looking uncanny cg backgrounds and music. Peak 90s stuff.

Amazing product! I feel like some of my best "gaming memories" are with things that aren't even entirely games at all, but instead creation tools tailored towards kids. I think there's a viscerally satisfying feeling you get when making something that you just don't get when you're playing someone else's game. Ditto with text adventures. You can write one with Inform6 and the Inform Beginners' Guide with ease and now with inform7 too.

You don't need to know how to draw or sketch. Just write. Inform7 it's a logical clause based language, that's it, you just state conditions and the compiler makes your adventure. Inform6 it's object oriented but it's the easiest OOP language ever, you can create a 10x10 "room" size town in minutes and defining the objects can take less than an hour. I never played with Inform, though it looks pretty interesting. I tried out Twine a few years back and had a bit of fun with it.

That definitely falls within my framework though; I think people sometimes underestimate how much fun creation can be when it's straightforward. WorldMaker 41 days ago root parent next [—]. Inform 7 is a trip to explore. The natural language inspired programming language right now is still such a unique experience to write in. It makes writing a text adventure feel more like writing a novel to a kid that needs way too many details on how the world is structured.

I also was a bit saddened when Project Spark got shutdown. It had some great ideas, it just couldn't compete with Minecraft and Microsoft bought Minecraft. I keep wondering why more of Project Spark's good ideas don't show up in Minecraft at this point, though. Inform it's more advanced than Twine for obvious reasons :. Scalene2 42 days ago prev next [—]. If an updated version that easily runs on present day hardware gets released then the memes made with it could be glorious.

It'll likely both take a little while, yet be usable much sooner than you expect. The fact that the repo is archived indicates to me that this is just a code dump. You'll need to monitor the forks for people's attempts to resurrect it. I still have the original CDs for this. I booted it up the other week and much to my surprise it still ran quite well on Windows Microsoft doesn't always get it right, but they do try very hard to be backwards compatible for a very very long time.

It's true. Windows is essentially a museum of sorts. Dear God I need to find my CD of it and try. Thanks will try did not find the CD the casing was empty This is incredible! I used to spend days making movies with this when I was a kid. Short clips and random stuff just to get laughs from friends and family. Lorin 42 days ago parent next [—].

LowLevelMahn 42 days ago prev next [—]. This is astounding. Truly above expectations. Aissen 42 days ago prev next [—]. Congrats, this type of release is really hard to do and usually gains you nothing apart from that impossible to measure reputation. Kudos to all involved. Congrats, microsoft! I don't know how popular, useful or powerful this software is but, although not a microsft flagship, I love when companies open source their software that is no longer a huge profit margin.

At the least it is better than see it dying deep into a drawer. I also love it for exactly that reason. It is no longer a financial asset, it is no longer competetive advantage and not a unique jumpstart which can lead to one. This game got me into creating stuff with computers, which lead to me becoming a developer later on. So many good memories from this. Same here! I owe my livelihood to this game. So many childhood memories! What a shame I didn't archive my movies back then. Would be so much fun watching them 20 years later as an adult Lorin 42 days ago prev next [—].

Fun fact, you can blame this project for the public release of Comic Sans ;. Wait is that true? I had always heard that was Microsoft Bob's gift to the world Not to get too far off on a tangent, but I am going to take a slightly unpopular opinion: Comic Sans is amongst the most readable fonts. It sheds almost all notions of trying to be "pretty", and thus the letters are distinct and easy to read.

I wouldn't submit a research paper in Comic Sans, but I do happily use it for nearly everything internal to my computer e. I feel like it's almost a shame that it has been deemed as "unprofessional", I think largely because of people using it in places that it doesn't really fit e. I have heard a rumor that dyslexic folk have an easier time reading Comic Sans. That's what I have heard too.

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